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The Benefits of Guava

Originating in Central America, the guava fruit is sometimes said to taste like a blend of strawberry and pear. The numerous health benifits of the guava have had athletes and gym users clamouring for foods incorperating it, such as the energy-packed and delicious Bocadillo, which gives cyclist's energy gels a run for their money. Packed with vitamins and minerals, Bodacillo and other guava fruit products are being hailed as superfoods around the world. Along with being an athlete's dream, the humble guava is also known to enhance the libido, helping to enhance your romance as well as your energy!

Here at Sports Natural Energy we're bringing the benefits of the guava from Central America to the wider world, providing products such as our guava paste bars that slow the buildup of lactic acid in athlete's muscles, letting them train and compete longer.

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About The Guava

The nutritious guava fruit used in our paste bars provides numerous health benefits, as well as being one of the least chemically treated and sprayed fruits thanks to it's natural resiliance.

Vitamin & Mineral Content

Guavas are a Vitamin C powerhouse, containing up to 5X more of the vitamin than oranges, the fruit traditionally said to be the best source of the vitamin. In addition, they have high concentrations of Vitamin A and Potassium, both important for your body's well-being.

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